Same Day Dentistry in Mesa Az

“Dr. Slater was the most honest and professional doctor I have ever been to. I will absolutely recommend  her to all of my friends. Can't say enough about my experience at Slater Family Dentistry” 

Karen S.

Calendars, schedules, task lists, and appointments are part of busy modern lives. Even with the best planning, though, you may need the care of an experienced dental team – right now. Slater Family Dentistry in Mesa is here to help with your dental care, with the convenience of same day dentistry.


How do we do it?

Dr. Slater is dedicated to the oral health of East Mesa area residents. We have early and late day hours. Time is allocated in our daily schedule to accommodate urgent requests. Simply put, we are here for you, when you need us. Plus, you can count on compassionate, calming guidance until you get here.


When you might need same day dentistry

  • Maybe you are only home a few days a month and life has been too hectic to schedule a routine cleaning and exam. Now you are planning a trip abroad. We get you in quick, to minimize risk of an unexpected dental adventure during your travels.

  • Dental accidents happen, sometimes, just from biting into your crunchy breakfast cereal. You may need a broken tooth fixed before an important meeting at work or a long-awaited evening date.

  • Even well-crafted dental restorations have a lifespan. Somehow, a crown, bridge, or bonding seems to fail at the worst possible time. It may not be a true emergency, but you would probably rather not live with a gap or sensitivity for days.

  • Kids are active, and adults sustain sports injuries, too. Fast emergency treatment for a loosened or dislodged tooth could save your smile.

  • Owww! An intermittent toothache surfaces suddenly as acute pain and swelling from an abscess. We don’t want you to suffer. Gentle root canal therapy gets you out of discomfort quickly and avoids the need for extraction in most cases.

  • It is easy to put off dealing with a minor toothache. However, with early attention, treatment is more efficient and economical . . . and alleviates the pain.


Same day dentistry in Mesa is just one expression of the genuine concern the Slater Family Dentistry team feels for patients. We are committed to making quality dentistry affordable and low-stress. Call (480) 981-3047.

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