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Teeth Whitening in Mesa, AZ

A Whiter Smile Now

At HOme Whitening Treatment

Zoom! whitening dramatically lightens teeth in an appointment that takes less than 90  minutes. For best results, we encourage patients to schedule their whitening after their regular dental cleaning. During your whitening appointment the lips, gums, and eyes are protected. Prescription-strength whitening gel is applied to teeth and activated with a special light for about 15 minutes. The peroxide solution loosens and lifts pigments trapped in enamel. Treatment is repeated several times until desired brilliance is achieved. Afterward, fluoride gel is applied to reduce risk of sensitivity.

A custom-fit teeth whitening tray expertly crafted by your dentist is the optimal approach to beautifying stained or discolored teeth. Ask anyone who has tried a customized teeth whitening tray and a teeth whitening solution available from the local store about the results and you will find they favor the dentist's tray.

The primary reason to rely on your dentist's custom-tailored teeth whitening tray is it will whiten unsightly teeth much better than any product available over-the-counter. The dentist will show you exactly how your personalized teeth whitening tray should be applied to your teeth. You will not receive the same level of detailed instruction with a teeth whitening tray purchased at a local grocery or drug store.

You will be shocked as to how quickly the color of your teeth changes after you use the dentist's custom-fit tray. It will take much longer for a product purchased from a local store to generate similar results. So do not shy away if your dentist's customized trays cost a bit more than those available at the store. The extra money is well worth it.

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